Footage can be captured based on a wide number of configurable variables such as constant recording, or per event.

The system can also be set to only record during certain time periods such as out of hours when the building would typically be unmanned.

Events can be configured to provide alerts to nominated staff when specified criteria are met.


With traditional CCTV systems, recordings would have to be manually searched in real time to locate the specific footage which was very time consuming especially if it was some time after the event.

IP Surveillance has built in intelligent analytics to automatically search & filter captured footage to show only results that match the given criteria such as missing object, foreign object, camera occulision or motion detection.


The format of the recording allows for enviroment to be monitored from a number of locations such as large format displays, computer desktops or mobile devces such as tablets and smartphones meaning that footage or triggered events can be viewed remotely.

This can help to confirm alarms, provide added sense of security to staff, or help to direct the emergency services in the event of a callout.